Cobweb Spider  (three photos)
Steatoda Triangulosa

            triangulosa in November
This tiny hardy male Steatoda triangulosa was fixing a web
on the inside of the door on my shed. Most of my spiders
have given up for the season, including my Cobweb Spiders
who usually linger into November. There was another spider
 next to him that I haven't i
dentified as yet. The messy web
 is typical of Cobweb spiders.
© Carol Davis 11-16-2020

male steatoda
This tiny spry male Steatoda triangulosa was bungee jumping
down my kitchen wall by the side door The females
 hang out in the corners of doorways and windows, so he might
 have been hunting for a honey. 
He hadn't been hunting too long
 because he was still pretty healthy looking.  © Carol Davis 8-5-2017

male cobweb spider
I put him in a bowl to take a picture and he was moving
around pretty fast.  I took a few photos
and then put
him outside not far from my door in Taylorsville, UT. 
© Carol Davis 8-5-2017

male steatoda
This photo of one I took in 2013 shows a pretty skinny male.
 He had
needed some nourishment, but mating was probably
 the only thing on his little webby brain.  © Carol Davis 9-14-2013

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