Strange Spider Behavior in a "Branch Tip Spider" Web
Species Dictyna with Metepeira

Dictyna web
As I was watching this Dictyna species web I saw a small spider run down the web and grab
a struggling midge. There were other midges in the web, but this one must have been special.
I took a few pictures and this shot shows the spider approaching an already packed web. The
strangest thing about it was that it was packed with Dictyna species - three in the
upper web that I could see. (On to the next photo below).  © Carol Davis 4-5-2017

packing the Dictyna web
The little spider took the midge and attached it to the rest of the web. I finally figured that the little
spider was a Metepeira species (desert orb weaver) who had taken over the web and seems to have
taken the Dictyna females for meals or for placing egg sacs on.  Or, possibly it's just using
the web while the Dictyna spiders are otherwise engaged. There's a whole other drama going
on in the tiny spider world that will soon be overshadowed by the bigger Neoscona species
 on the island. They come on as the weather warms up. © Carol Davis 4-5-2017

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