"Swift Crab Spider"  (three photos)
Mating Pair
Mecaphesa celer

male and female mecaphesa
When I first came upon this large female crab spider on Antelope Island, I thought another spider had
hold of her and
was considering lunch, but when she started moving, my Sherlockian self deduced that
something else was afoot - perhaps
a mating pair? © Carol Davis, 9-4-2011

mecaphesa spiders
At this point, after my having taken a few photos of their rendezvous, the female crab spider just wanted to
rid of "spiderman" and head for cover. He was hard to shake and finally she just grabbed his sorry little
composition and tossed him aside like a an raisin off a sweet roll (raisins = icky). 
© Carol Davis, 9-4-201

yellow crab spider
Two things amazed me when I saw these spiders: one, the striking difference in size between the male and
female of this species and two, the difference in color. They were fun to watch and I'm glad I
just happened to find them on their date night.  © Carol Davis, 9-4-2011

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