Long-jawed Orb Weaver (three photos)
Tetragnatha extensa

Additional third photo added 2/26/2021

yellow orb weaver
This female Tetragnatha extensa was suspended in a web just over the
water at Silver Lake in Brighton, Utah.   In the sunlight it was a glowing
 golden color
and it came out of the web and onto the dock to let me take
 a few pictures.  It obviously loves the Paparazzi. Carol Davis 9-7-2008

orb weaver
I was thrilled to find this spider because it was a
new species for me.
  Carol Davis, 9-7-2008

tetragnatha extensa
This is the underside of the spider which fits in with the
description I have found of this species. I added this
photo on 2/26/2021.  Carol Davis 9-7-2008

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