Running Crab Spider  (three photos)
genus Thanatus formicinus

Thanatus forminicus at
            Strawberry Reservoir
At  the time I took this at Strawberry Reservoir in Wasatch County, Utah
I obviously had no idea what kind of spider it was. Carol Davis 8-4-2010

white line on crab
            spider face
I would have posted this if I'd known it was a Thanatus formicinus
because I love this spider.  Carol Davis 4-8-2010

thanatus running crab spider
I don't have the exact date on this one (going to have to research it),
but I remember the incident. I was trying to photograph this Thanatus
when a big jumping spider ran up over the edge of the bridge on
Antelope Island and punched a whole in this guy (thus the wet substance
you see on the abdomen) and then ran back down the side.  It disappeared
completely when I peaked over the edge, so I don't know the final outcome
of this battle but I assume the crab spider died from the wound. Carol Davis

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