Woes of a Manly Spider
by Carol Davis

the manly-spider

   Woes of a Manly Spider
          by Carol Davis
    I’ve always been a handsome lad.
    I wear striped pants 'cause it’s the fad.
    I will admit I have some flaws
    Like nervous gait and snapping jaws.
My wife says no one really cares
For eight large eyes and ears with hairs.
“The pencil mustache is passé”
Or so she says, most every day.
    She thinks that I’m a nincompoop
    Since I like flies within my soup.
    She used to love the way I walked
    And even liked the way I stalked.
“I never bring her gifts”, it’s true.
“Or leave notes like I used to do.”
I only lie about the web.
Awaiting for each day to ebb.
    I shouldn’t get her dander up,
    Cause she’s my little buttercup.
    She might just wrap me up one day
    and munch on me like insect prey.
I knew a chap who crossed the line.
The details here I won’t define.
His missus served him up with tea.
She’s now a widow, fancy free.
    The moral to this story is
    To be romantic, mind your biz.
    And always give your mate a hug
    Since she can squish you like a bug!

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