Cobweb Spider - "The 72-hour Emergency Kit"
possible Genus "Theridion" (too tiny to tell)

theridion cobweb spider

tiny spider with large meal
On Antelope Island at Garr Ranch I saw a little midge swaying in the breeze under a cottonwood tree.  It was attached
 to a long single spider web.  Don't ask me how I then saw this tiny white spider, protruding like a miniature white
map-tack, on top of it.  I was surprised I got even halfway decent photos since the whole package was miniscule and it
kept  bouncing in the wind.  If we had about 900 quadrillion more of these spiders, we could possibly make a dent in the
midge population on the island.  This meal should last the tiny spider a while - the perfect 72-hour emergency kit?
 © Carol Davis 5-31-2009

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