Trashline Orb Weaver
in Zion National Park
Cyclosa conica

trashline orb weaver
I don't know how I ever spotted this tiny orb weaver on the downhill side of the trail to Lower Emerald
Pool in Zion NP but spying it MADE MY DAY!  I love these spiders and it's the only one I found on the trail.

hanging in the line
Since they are quite low to the ground, I was forced to sit down to take the shots and
many hikers (mostly German tourists) thought I had fallen and that my friend Ruth was
doing nothing to help me up. After I told them I was photographing spiders, most hurried
 on their way.  A few did show interest after stating how badly they hated Arachnids
and wanted to take a closer (but not too close) look. 

Cyclosa conica
Some spiders clean house but this spider prefers to keep little tidbits in its web for reasons
 known only to the spider.  They are pretty cool. 
Carol Davis, 5-25-2011

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