Tub Spider
Funnel weaver

I found this beauty in the tub standing in a strange, hunchbacked way.  I could see that she had tethered herself to the tub and was
in a kind of ballooning position (on her toes).  I knew she couldn't be thinking of traveling in a windless tub so I had to take
 some pictures to see what was going on.  Low and behold, she had just consumed a meal and was still chewing on the last
of her prey.  Now whether she was tethered to eat and/or molt, I don't know, but here are some photos with only parts of a
 consumed smaller spider strewn underneath the female funnel weaver.  I think they were both the same species judging
 from the coloration of the legs.   I wish I could have gotten a front shot but her position on the bottom front part of
the tub made that impossible, but she still gave me some great shots.  I love macro photography!

the pose
The ballet dancer position.  On your toes!

parts is parts
"Parts is parts".  Here a leg, there a leg...

still chewing
Underneath you can still see part of whatever she's chewing on hanging down by the pedipalps.  I hope it wasn't
her boyfriend. She was very large for a female. © Carol Davis, 2-25-2009

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