Unidentified Spiders  (two photos)

Jumping Spider Practicing Judo

tough cookie
Does this look like the mug of a judo bully?  Of course not!  Such wide-eyed innocence.  Check out the next photo.

spider toss
This tiny brown jumper from Antelope Island was cruising for a midge dinner when an even tinier spider, which I could hardly see,
got in its way.  I was watching to see what happened and photographing at the same time.  I got this shot and then the tiny spider
tossed the tinier spider about a foot over its head and to the left .  Now I don't really know if the tinier spider was thrown or it
had some unique defensive technique that catapulted it, but it was bizarre!  You can see that the tinier spider is upside down
with its bottom row of eyes poking out and its little brown belly exposed--probably scared stiff.  Because the bigger spider didn't
kill the tinier spider I was thinking maybe it was its offspring, a teenager, ignoring orders to go play in the street. This has to
be at the top of the most strange spider behavior I have seen.  © Carol Davis 6-22-2008

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