Unknown Jumping Spiders  (four photos)
from Antelope Island and Bear River

small jumping spider and prey
This tiny guy was on buffalo dung and I believe his prey was a black scavenger fly.  I think this spider
may be a Habronattus of some kind but I haven't received any confirmation yet.  I see lots of these spiders
but mostly on Antelope Island (where I found this one).  © Carol Davis, 3-15-2009


jumping spider


These two spiders were in the same location on Antelope Island and because of the resemblance to one another,
I believe one to be the male of this species and the other the female.  I have seen the female of this species
before, but never the male.  Someday I hope to have an ID on both of them.  Someone from Bugguide.net
suggested they might be Sitticus of some kind.  © Carol Davis, 6-1-2008

Bear River spider
This is a female I found at Bear River MBR on May 13, 2007.

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