Unknown Phidippus Jumping Spider
1/2 inch (body length)

beautiful jumping spider
My sister-in-law found this beautiful jumping spider sitting on her clothes basket near her washer and drier in their
garage.  She saved it for me since I was coming down to St. George, Utah to visit the next day.  This was a large, very
active female spider that was willing to have its picture taken.
Is that a cute spider face or what? It even has
 white, partial eye rings that just cut into the top black mouth stripe.

gray spider with orange, black and white markings
 When I went to release it in the yard, it rattled around the dish like a rock when I was trying to get it to slide out. That was one solid
Phidippus. I was so proud of my sister-in-law for not killing it. What a waste that would have been.  © Carol Davis, 10-5-2009

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