Wolf Spider 6  (two photos)
Species Unknown

wolf spider
This wolf spider was on the ceiling and I could only barely get close enough to take a shot by standing on a rock that
I had to move over and position just right.  This female Lycosidae couldn't care less whether I was there or not. 
She has a very unique pattern and coloring.  I hope I can narrow her to species someday.  © Carol Davis 10-16-2009

wolf spider
This is another wolf spider I found on Antelope Island the last of October. By this time, spider sightings were becoming
scarce, but this one was a very cooperative and very beautiful male.  Wolf spiders are probably the common spider seen
around the house and yard and are therefore probably responsible for the most arachnophobia attacks. It's ironic, since
these are about the most harmless of all spiders--very docile and non-threatening.  © Carol Davis, 10-23-2009

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