The Mother Wolf Spider and the Egg Sac  (two photos)

egg sac
This Wolf Spider and the one below were both in my garden on the same day carrying their egg sacs. © Carol Davis, 6-19-2008

7 legged spider
Not only does this Wolf Spider mother have the burden of carrying her children in a sac outside her body like
a load of laundry, but this particular mother has also lost a leg.  That's gotta be exhausting!  Of course, it's
one less gam to shave.  To add insult to injury, when her spiderlings hatch, they ride around on her back like a
large family packed into an old 1956 station wagon--with gangly arms and legs sticking out all over  (you've
got to be older than dirt to conjure up that image).  It's a really scary sight for Arachnophobes (and so is
seeing the wolf spider with all those babies!) © Carol Davis, 6-19-2008

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