Mother Wolf Spider with Babies on Her Back

lycosidae with babies
I moved my lawn mower in my shed and this gargantuan thing walk out from underneath it. I thought "What the heck?"
 Then it hit me that this had to be a mother wolf spider carrying her babies.  This is the first time I've actually seen
this phenomenon.
  © Carol Davis, 8-25-2011

wolf spider with babies
I almost feel sorry for her in this photo. She looks so bedraggled. She hid in a pile of debris to avoid being spotted by me.
 I think this had to be the same female wolf spider that I put out by my shed about a week earlier. My neighbor, Kenny, had
 brought a large female over that was carrying her egg sac. 
It's always nice to know my shed is being protected by wolf
Now for the dark side. Nothing grosses out  people faster than seeing a wolf spider with babies.  You always hear
the horror stories of someone stepping on one and having hudreds of babies go scooting out  in all  directions.  If they were
really empathetic people, instead of killing the spider, they would have offered to tend the kids!
© Carol Davis, 8-25-2011

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