Wolf Spiders at Bear River MBR  (four photos)
March 22, 2012

wolf spider ballooning
This is one of the typical poses for the ballooning wolf spider. He gets in this position, raises his spinnerets
located at the end of his abdomen and then shoots silk into the air.  When the best breeze comes along he
will often lift off and travel to another destination with his silk as his parachute. © Carol Davis, 3-22-2012

waiting for the wind
Just like all the little spiders this breezy day at Bear River MBR, this beautiful black and yellow male Wolf Spider
 was running around on the cement waiting for the perfect breeze. © Carol Davis, 3-22-2012

ballooning days
I took this photo because I loved the pose and beautiful markings of this little beauty. It was quite a bit smaller
than the one above but appeared to be the same species (with the yellow legs with brown rings). Spiders take
 advantage of the wind after they hatch out and toss their silk to the wind for travel to their final destination.
You'll probably never see more spiders in Utah than at Bear River in the spring but most people would
never know they're around.
© Carol Davis, 3-22-2012

I couldn't get too close to this one and he moved after I took two shots, but he was pretty content up until that time just to rest
 with legs fully outstretched. You can see the rear one propped up on a bump on the branch. I'm sure it had been a long day
ballooning across Bear River MBR. There were spiders everywhere!  I picked the perfect day to be there.
Even the ranger
and one of the volunteers I met along the way enjoyed learning about Bear River's tiny travelers and the contributions they
make to the ecosystem - midges were being consumed at a high rate. 
© Carol Davis, 3-22-2012

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