Zebra Jumping Spider (five photos)
Salticus scenicus

male zebra spider
Male Zebra Jumping spider dining on a midge on Antelope Island.  The white stripes appear to be more horizonal
on this spider but I guess it must still be a Salticus scenicus.  © Carol Davis, 6-11-06

Salticus scenicus
Young Male Zebra spider.  The long gray palps on the front are covering the HUGE  black jaws--
the fangs are folded underneath so that gives you an idea of how big they are.  Such a large load
for such a tiny, tiny spider.  One of my favorites. © Carol Davis, 5-8-07

Zebra Jumping Spider
Female on Antelope Island  wondering whether she should give me her small meal and run
or just wait until I go away and then eat it.  © Carol Davis 6-15-2010

female zebra spider
Female in her officiating uniform on Antelope Island.  © Carol Davis, 6-15-2010

Zebra Jumping Spider
Female Zebra Jumping Spider eating a large meal on a Saturday
morning in Kaysville, Utah.  The amount these little spiders consume
for their size is amazing!  © Trevor Edstrom, 6-25-2005

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