Zebra Jumping Spider - Page 2  (three photos)
Salticus scenicus

female zebra jumping spider
Ever since we began dealing with Raccoons in our neighborhood, we also started having fly problems. This late
in the season, it's nice to know that the tiny Zebra Jumping Spiders are on the hunt. This little female had
captured a fly on the side of our house.  Thank you, Zebraette!  Carol Davis 10-25-2016

more whiteish zebra spider
This tiny, tiny Zebra Jumping Spider was moving around on the hood of my
car and it caught my attention because it was so whitish compared to most of
the Salticus scenicus I see.  It must have either just gone through a molt or
it was going to. The palps are almost pure white.  Carol Davis 10-1-2008

tiny zebra jumping spider
 When I go to Antelope Island, I see Zebra Jumping Spiders more than any other
 spider, except for the Spotted Orbweavers (Neoscona).  These little striped
 characters love to eat midges.  Carol Davis 10-1-2008

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