American Dipper (three photos)
Cinclus mexicanus

(Greg Clark was kind enough to edit this for me to remove some of the stream noise.
I (C. Davis) recorded it in Big Cottonwood Canyon in 2002)

American Dipper
American Dipper in Powder Mountain canyon stream © Carol Davis, 6-27-2004
She (or he) appeared to be a single parent taking care of the babies who were
nestled under a rock near a small waterfall.

American Dipper © Carol Davis, 2003
Here's a taste of what the Dipper sees just before taking the plunge into
Big Cottonwood Canyons stream © Carol Davis, 9-6-2003

American Dipper under bridge on Yuba River © Greg Clark
American Dipper feeding babies on the Yuba River ©  Greg Clark, 2001

of Arizona Bird Field Data Resource.  Visit his site for some
links to great photos and bird sounds.

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