Bald Eagle (three photos)
Haliaeetus leucocephalus

Bald Eagle -subadult
Lightly marked, subadult II (fits the description in Brian Wheeler's
Raptors of Western North America) with a subadult III into IV plumage
in the background (just a guess).  Photo taken winter of 2003 in
Spring Lake, Utah © Dawn Wheeler, Milburn, Utah

Third-year Bald Eagle
Bald eagle, subadult III,  fishing the river near Woodland, Utah © Carol Davis, 12-19-2004

bald eagle
Mature Bald Eagle on a telephone pole with a fish dinner from Utah Lake. 
Near Geneva Steel, Orem, UT.  © 2-13-2005

According to Brian K. Wheeler's "Raptors of  Western North America",  page 120 ( ©2003),
there are four interim basic/subadult ages (basic/subadult I - IV) that correspond to
1 to 4 year-old birds in their second to fifth years of life.  The juvenile is the first year
 of life.  There are also lightly marked, moderately marked, and heavily marked plumages. 
You didn't expect it to be simple, did you?

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