Black-crowned Night-Heron  (three photos)
Nycticorax nycticorax

juvenile black-crowned night heron
I was trying to take pictures of a Kingfisher that was sitting in a tree overhanging Tonaquint Nature Center pond
when I decided to check to see if any of the photos were good. When I turned back around to shoot some more

pictures, I inadvertently focused on this bird that I didn't even realize was over there.  Carol Davis 9-21-2015

black-crowned night-heron

I found this little fisherman at Strawberry Reservoir just across the street from the rangers station.  I was walking along the
defunct bird walk when I spotted it down the stream acting like a statue.  I don't think it ever moved as I inched my way down
to one of the viewing docks.  It was quite a ways away so this is the best I could do in the photo department.  I tried not to
 move quickly and disturb it and it just stayed there the whole time.  Carol Davis i7-18-2010

Black-crowned Night Heron
Black-crowned Night Heron at Bear River MBR. Carol Davis, 7-6-2003

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