Brown-headed Cowbird and Riders (four photos)
  Molothrus ater

cowbirds on bison
This is my personal record for the most Brown-headed Cowbirds on a
Buffalo on Antelope Island (there may even be a Starling on there).
Carol Davis 2-28-2018

female cowbird
One of my favorite poses of Brown-headed Cowbirds and very typical of the species (used in courtship).  This pose,
with the beak pointed skyward, is also used as a dominance technique over other female cowbirds. 
Carol Davis, 5-15-2008, Bear River MBR

Male cowbird
Male Cowbird stretching his wings for takeoff at Farmington Bay.  Carol Davis, 6-11-06

Female Brown-headed Cowbird at Bear River MBR.  Cowbirds lay their eggs in other birds' nests
and often tiny warblers are forced to raise these larger birds at the expense of their own offspring. 
I often wonder how cowbirds ever get together as adults since you'd think they'd want to hang
around birds that look like their parents.  They must be pretty sharp.  Carol Davis, 5-29-05

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