Canvasback (four photos)
Aythya valisineria

Any time I can see an Canvasback Duck is one great birding day.  I hadn't seen much so I decided to leave the
island.  I almost didn't stop at the first bridge but then decided to take a look to see what the larger
 waterfowl were.  There was a glowing male Canvasback Duck admidst what I thought were Redheads.
After looking at Sibley's, it's possible some were female Canvasbacks.  © Carol Davis, 1-24-2010

Male Canvasback Duck at Antelope Island.  © Carol Davis 1-24-2010

Canvasback duck on Burriston Ponds in Juab County © Carol Davis, 2-1-2004

canvasback at Bear River
Canvasback at Bear River MBR. © Carol Davis, 3-18-07

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