Cassin's Finch (three photos)
Carpodacus cassinii

cassins finch
The story behind this photo is interesting.  I watched this perky male dance around through the trees at Rock Cliffs
Nature Centre in Wasatch County.  He was dancing with his tail and head held high and fluttering his wings like fledglings
do when they want to be fed.  What I couldn't figure out was what was in his mouth until I got home and saw a close up.  I
guess all his antics were to prove to some cute female Cassin's that he was not only handsome and a good dancer but a
great nester, hence the nesting material in his beak.  What a treat to watch him at work.  © Carol Davis, 5-25-2008

Cassin's Finch female

Cassin's Finch
Female Cassin's Finch at Powder Mountain in Weber County © Carol Davis, 6-27-2004
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