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Quiscalus quiscula

The Juveniles

Common Grackle at the bath
I think this is one of the youngest of the new grackle brood as she was being towered-over earlier
 by a slightly-larger sibling.  © Carol Davis, 7-8-06

Common Grackle juvenile
A grainy photo (through the glass door) of a juvenile Common Grackle. While they have been breeding in our
 neighborhood in the last few years, I had never seen a new brood until this week. They had been coming on
their own to the bath, but today I saw one of the parents, which confirmed these were young
common grackles. © Carol Davis, 7-5-2006

juvenile common grackle
This is such a beautiful juvenile with some of the pin feathers still poking out
on its breast.  I loved these birds!  © Carol Davis, 7-23-2006

common grackle and the leaf
This male juvenile Common Grackle decided one morning to throw a temper tantrum and clean up around
my deck.  He started ripping dead leaves and dead twigs off my lilac bushes.  He was just beginning to work on
this particular set of dead leaves. © Carol Davis 7-12-2006

male bird display
You can see the twig swinging as he tried to rip the whole thing off at once.  He did finally succeed.
I think it must have been some kind of  power display because once he was done tossing leaves,
he just flew off to eat and play in the trees.   © Carol Davis, 7-12-2006

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