Downy Woodpecker  (three photos)
Picoides pubescens

downy woodpecker in northern
If ever there was a soft belly that needed tickling, the
Downy Woodpecker's is the ultimate--gorgeous fluffy
This Downy was needling the bugs out of
my plum
tree while I was standing in my doorway not
eight feet away photographing. It couldn't care less.

Carol Davis 8-26-2020, Taylorsville, Utah.

apple tree downy woodpecker
Exactly one month later, here it is doing bug work
on our old fence. What tasty morsel is dangling from
 that sweet beak? It was there a long time
 and picking. What? You're thinking it could be a
different Downy? Skeptic! Carol Davis 9-26-2020

red-headed downy
Sometimes they come with a red patch on the head.
This is "Woodrow", who
we found at Tanners Flat,
 Little Cottonwood
Canyon, Salt Lake County, Utah,
almost twenty years ago. Carol Davis 7-7-2002

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