Evening Grosbeak  (four photos)
Coccothraustes vespertinus

male evening grosbeak
I was shocked to see these Evening Grosbeaks at my feeder in Taylorsville, Utah, since I've only seen them
once or twice in my birding career and then it was from a distance. This one is a male perched high in
the Siberian Elm that hangs over my yard. If you think its bill looks olive
green, that's because it is.   Carol Davis 5-7-20

male evening grosbeak
A male resting in the tree right above the sunflower feeder.  Carol Davis 5-8-2016

female evening grosbeak
This is a snoozing female that was not far from the first male. All total, I had 9 verified Evening Grosbeaks
(they were on the ground under the feeder - all at once.) I'm sure there were probably more. I first spotted
them on May 7th and there are still here today - May 11.  I stopped feeding today them so they would
move on, but I filled the feeder again when a female landed on the feeder right  in front of me to
remind me
they were out of food.  They're not as shy as I once thought. Carol Davis 5-7-2016

Evening Grosbeak copyright Patrick Williams, 2002
Male Evening Grosbeak in Bloomington, Utah. Patrick Williams, 2002

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