Gray Catbird
Dumetella carolinesis

Catbird Song

Gray Catbird at the Pineview North Arm © Carol Davis, 2003
Gray Catbird at North Arm of Pineview Reservoir © Carol Davis, 2003

We watched this little gray bird and at first assumed it was a dipper until it paused long
enough for a photo.  We were surprised to see it was a catbird who gathered bugs along
the shoreline.  It seemed uncaring that we watched so we took some rather pixelated
 digital photographs in the dim, late afternoon light along the shady stream.  While this may
not be atypical for the catbird, it certainly surprised us since they normally hide in the
dense brush and even during mating season they are quite camera-shy.  Photo was
taken in a small turnout on the way to Strawberry Reservoir © Carol Davis, 6-29-04

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