Great Blue Heron  (three photos)
Ardea herodias

great blue heron catching
            a vole
I drove up to this Heron just as it posed for a strike.
I had to slam my car in gear and take these photos
with my camera posed between the body of my car
and my side mirror. The vole is going to be "toast"
as soon as the Heron gets it aligned properly for
swallowing.  © Carol Davis 2-20-2020

getting the vole aligned
            for swallowing
Now that it had the vole aligned properly, the Heron swallowed
it whole.  As I watched it gulp the thing down, it made me
want to assist by swallowing a few times myself.  My camera
went out of focus just as vole went to its final resting place. The
was back to hunting within a minute or two. Crazy.  I was
 reading that their
vole diet in the winter can be over 25% of their
daily intake
because the frozen waters make fishing difficult.
Earlier this month there were lots of Herons at the Bay hunting
for voles. Everyone kept having to drive around them.
 Below is a photo from that day.
©  Carol Davis 2-20-2020

posing for the kill
I never saw a Heron get a vole on February 10, but the
Herons were out in force on this cloudy day. They
really didn't care how many cars drove past on the
dirt road - they were too busy getting rid
of varmints.  © Carol Davis 2-10-2020

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