Great Egret (five photos)
Ardea alba

great and snow
                  egret together
I was watching this Great Egret at Farmington Bay today and in flew a Snowy
That's just about as good as it gets - very nice to have a side by side
on a beautiful summer day. Carol Davis 7-1-2018

Great Egret looking for food
Is there a more beautiful large bird? I guess they are really special to me
because I've seen so few of them.  This was a treat!  Carol Davis 7-1-2018

great egret in Nevada
I was startled to see this Great Egret in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Wetlands Park and got closer than I ever expected
 to before it took flight.
I had just kind of stumbled upon this bird refuge as I was trying to locate it from memory (left
my directions back at the house).  I found some good birds for so early in the season. Carol Davis, 3-27-2010


Great Egret in Utah
A Great Egret dropped in for a snack on New Year's Day at
Flowserve business park in Springville, Utah Carol Davis, 1-1-2006

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