Male Great-tailed Grackle (three photos)
Quizcalus mexicanus

male great-tailed grackle
A typical stance for the male Great-tailed Grackle. Their comical walk is one of the endearing traits of this
 species. © Carol Davis 12-16-2011

nictitating membrane
This photo shows the nictitating membrane that protects the eyes and when you get a photo showing it, the result is
rather maniacal looking.  Now you have a glossy black, strutting, noisy maniac bird. 
© Carol Davis 12-16-2011

male great-tailed grackle
Male and female grackles.  When scores of these get together in a Walmart parking lot in St. George, it
 makes you wonder how a group of birds can have that much to say (and so loudly!)
© Carol Davis 12-16-2011

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