Who Rules Tonaquint?

herton in a tree
While strolling through Tonaquint on this wonderful fall morning, I looked up in the tall dead tree to see what
wondrous bird would be sitting there.  To my surprise, it was a Great Blue Heron. When the big heron comes
to an area, the smaller birds scatter.  I had watched this very thing happen on a golf course pond the day before. 
The heron wanted the shade and the geese and ducks stumbled over each other to get out of the way.  So, I
would say this bird is the king of Tonaquint Nature Park in St. George, Utah. © Carol Davis, 10-18-2008

Oh yeah, wait 10 minutes...

Red-tailed Hawk
About ten minutes later I looked up to see the Great Blue Heron in flight.  I glanced over to see what
had dislodged it from its lofty perch and there sat a Red-tailed Hawk.  The Great Blue made a wide
circle and then came back twice to buzz the red-tail, to no avail.  The mighty Red-tailed Hawk
is the king of Tonaquint Park.  © Carol Davis, 10-18-2008

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