Long-billed Curlew Dating  (three photos)
"How Not to Pursue Your Gal"

mating curlews
These two curlews at Bear River MBR were quite a ways off but I couldn't resist photographing their antics. The male was trying to impress
the female.  I could almost hear him saying "Look at my wings!  They're large and fluffy and can fly long distances.  I'm tall and muscular!
What's not to like?"  She was having none of it. © Carol Davis, 4-15-2007

mating 2
He was beginning to be a little too pushy for her so she tried to walk the other way.  He wouldn't give up:  "I bathe every day and never
look at other chicks.  You're my one and only!"  © Carol Davis 4-15-2007

get lost
By this time, she had lost her patience with him and sent him scrambling.  He didn't go far enough so she chased him away entirely. Not
her kind of "Curlew Guy", obviously. 
© Carol Davis 4-15-2007

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