Northern Harrier  (five photos)
Circus cyaneus

female northern harrier
Female Northern Harrier who took this bird (or what was left of it) from
another harrier on Antelope Island.  Carol Davis 1-29-2017

bird of prey
"Maybe this is a drumstick."  Carol Davis 1-29-2017

northern harrier hawk
"Awkkk - that definitely wasn't a drumstick!"  Carol Davis 1-29-2017

Male Northern Harrier in fresh spring plumage
  Northern Harrier in fresh spring plumage over Antelope Island. Notice the long
dark bar along the trailing edge of the wing. Carol Davis 2-18-07

Harrier harrying
Female flying low over the terrain watching and listening for
voles and other lunchable items hiding in the bushes
at Farmington Bay.  Carol Davis, 1-28-07

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