Rough-legged Hawk  (four photos)
Buteo lagopus

rough-legged hawk on
              Antelope Island
This beautiful Rough-legged Hawk was scanning the
Antelope Island dried-up lake bed on a cold February
day. Not too far from it was a Red-tailed Hawk hunting
from a
road sign on the causeway. Carol Davis 2-10-2020

rough-legged hawk on Antelope Island
Rough-legged Hawk perched on a sign at Antelope Island. Carol Davis 1-21-2016

rough-legged hawk
This large, beautiful hawk was sitting on the fence next to the road on Antelope Island and I was able to get
pretty close for a few shots. Everyone looks forward to the arrival of these majestic birds.  Carol Davis, 11-23-2011

It was scanning the hill for food and would glance over my way periodically just to check on me.  I think
this is the same one I found kiting (hovering in the wind) further down the hill. They have a beautiful brown
 tail with a white band and it spreads out when they're hovering. 
Carol Davis, 11-23-2011

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