Ruffed Grouse  (two photos)
Bonasa umbellus

ruffed grouse
First off, I'm going to say that these photos are not great because I didn't have my camera on when I came around
the corner on the Nebo Loop and saw this bird doing a slow-mo waltz across the road.  My first thought was
"It's going to be killed!!!".  Trucks pulling trailers are always coming down this canyon.  I couldn't figure
 out what it was trying to prove by its exaggerated slow movements.  About half way across the road it became
apparent--there was a baby grouse and when it took off from the side of the road it went like a bat out of hell to
the other side.  When it had crossed, then the adult picked up the pace and rushed into the bushes and this is all
I got--these crappy photos.  But, the good news is, both parent and baby survived, probably until hunting season.

And, I survived even though I was parked in the middle of the road on a blind curve trying to sneak up on a grouse
in a conspicuous white car while attempting to turn on and focus my camera. Duh!

ruffed grouse
This is the worst of the two photos - blurrrrr city - and the one I wish had worked out.  Oh, well, give
me another ten years and I might get another chance at a photo of a Ruffed Grouse.  Alas, I didn't
get a shot of the baby, either.  © Carol Davis, 7-26-2010

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