Sharp-shinned Hawk & European Starling  (four photos)
Accipiter striatus

hawk and starling
Ahoy!  What is this with the long beautiful tail standing on my snow-covered lawn? 

A female Sharp-shinned Hawk! The beginning of the long task of removing the feathers from her prey.

full sharp-shinned hawk
Getting sleepy from a good meal?  Not done yet.

hawk mess
Over the course of about two hours I took a gazillion photos through the sliding glass door at my home.  When I first
spotted this large female I could only see the back side and she was so large, with such a long tail, I thought she was
a game bird.  I cleaned up the photos because she really made a mess of this poor European Starling.  She ate
 everything she could and left all the feathers and inedible bird parts for me to clean up. © Carol Davis, 2-21-2004

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