Weird Nesting Places - Page 2

"Perhaps a home too high --
Ah Aristocracy!
The little Wren desires
--Emily Dickinson

what's that?
"Hmmm, Honey, I don't remember having any dry grass on the top of our decorative wreath."

A lady in St. George found this little nest on her wreath next to her door in a protected alcove.  She called
Marilyn Davis, head of the Red Cliffs Audubon, to tell her about it.  We drove over to see it and I took these photos.

bird doo-doo
If lining your nest with doo-doo is this bird's way of keeping out predators, then who are we to say it's wrong?
I know we certainly didn't want to touch the area, although there was an abstract-art appeal....
Are those cute little faces (no, not feces), or what? 

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