Western Grebe  (two photos)
Aechmophorus occidentalis

"The Corks"

Western Grebe corks
There were a few of these Western Grebes at Bear River who were snugly tucked and bobbing around just
like corks, buffeted by every wave and breeze.  These two would nonchalantly bounce off one another
about every 20 seconds and then periodically another male would try to bump his way into their water
space and the attending male would bump him back out again (all in slow motion.)  No aggression shown--just
 bumping with the head still tucked.

grebe corks
Here's one of the intruders trying to sneak his way next to the twosome.  It was fun to watch and kind of  bizarre.  I was
wondering if they were puffed up with air to make them move so much like corks.  © Carol Davis, 5-28-06

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