Western Kingbird  (three photos)
Tyrannus verticalis

Westesrn Kingbird at Bear River MBR
Does this Western Kingbird look irritated?  It was giving me the evil eye and telling me to get lost.  I didn't
so it cussed me out and moved down the barbed wire.  I moved with it.

Western Kingbird at Bear River MBR
It was really irked now and decided to give me the "don't make me hurt you" look.  I stayed, so it moved further down the
fence, again spewing expletives my direction. 

Well, I have to admit when it gave me the "one eyebrow raised look", that did me in, and I had to retreat.  Reminded
me too much of my father when he'd hit the point of no return. Taken at Bear River MBR © Carol Davis, 5-20-2009
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